Chris confronts Aidan over Andrew

Chris confronts Aidan over his relationship with Andrew but, unable to admit the real reason for his meetings, Aidan claims it’s because they’re friends, frustrating Chris further. Later, Chris calms down and apologises to his ex, making Aidan feel guilty.

When he talks to Andrew next Aidan says he won’t lie to Chris any more but Andrew needs to keep his secret and threatens to tell the hospital he’s been helping him if he reveals anything about his condition. With his job at stake, Aidan is forced to conceal the truth from Chris.

Kyle plans a romantic evening for Jade before she leaves for the States unaware that Sonya’s organised a surprise leaving party. When Sonya’s surprise is sprung, Jade promises to spend some quality time with him later but time creeps on and soon she has to leave for the airport. Kyle is already lost without her.

Disappointed that Jade is leaving without having a chance to reconcile, Kate grabs a minute with her at the party. However, while Jade admits she has no ill feeling towards her any more, she makes it clear they’re never going to be best friends again.