Chris is annoyed when it’s clear that Summer hasn’t read the letter he wrote into her dating advice column, which is all about his disappointment in her as his friend. He confronts her, accusing her of being self-absorbed and she’s stung by his attack, but when Kyle convinces her she has nothing to be sorry for she, in turn, accuses Chris of being passive-aggressive. Unable to hold back, Chris blames the destruction of her relationship with Andrew on her selfishness and, with both reeling from each other’s comments, can their friendship survive?

Toadie and Sonya are unable to agree on a shared surname for the family, but when Toadie sees the stress taking its toll on Sonya, he agrees to go with the Mitchell name. However, Sonya sees the struggle Toadie’s having adapting to his new identity and agrees they should all become Rebeccis, to Toadie’s delight.

However, struggling with her break-up from Kyle, Jade, is appalled to learn that Sonya is willing to drop her surname. Eventually, she resigns herself to being the only Mitchell left and faces the fact that she’s missing Kyle terribly.