Chris disappoints Lucy

Nate’s shocked when devastated Chris tells Lucy he can’t be the father of her baby. While an upset Lucy gets support from Paul, Nate seeks advice from Susan, and voices his worry that Chris’s choice to support him could fracture their relationship. Later, Chris smoothes things over with Lucy and tells Nate he’s committed to their relationship.

When Erin’s daughter Cat turns up, Erin and Cat soon relax amd it seems the mother-daughter catch-up might actually go well. However, things take a turn when Sonya accidentally reveals Erin has been keeping tabs on Cat. Angry, Cat leaves and Erin follows, leaving Sonya feeling she’s made a mess of things.

The Turner kids are stunned when Lauren and Matt receive the first evaluation, revealing the house is worth far more than they expected. However, Lauren’s worries return when she spies the kids test driving an expensive Car. When the kids reveal it’s a gift for their parents, Lauren and Matt put a stop to the idea and Bailey’s enraged, seeing it as an attempt by Lauren to control them.