Chris fails to see Spencer’s struggling

A selfishly heartbroken Chris doesn’t realise that Spencer is also hurting over Sasha keeping her distance. Meanwhile, Indi’s similarly unaware how much their break-up is hurting Chris. Spencer tells Sasha he’s back on his medication, but Sasha feels like she can’t be there for Spencer right now. Irene, fed up with Chris’s sulking, points out Spencer’s heartbreak, and Chris inadvertently reveals Spencer’s condition so Irene offers him a room. Spencer’s angry that Chris revealed his condition. Evelyn comes across Spencer, and the pair comfort each other, which Sasha misinterprets as an intimate moment.

Ethan apologises to his kids, but Hannah tells Ethan he failed at being their father. However, the twins resent Hannah for speaking; it’s their decision! Meanwhile, Zac tries to reason with Ethan and offers to take care of the kids until he’s ready. Ethan understands, but he’d rather have the kids now. Hannah makes up with the kids, and they decide to stay in Summer Bay. Hannah wants Zac to come around more, and the pair are flirty.

Roo’s keeping herself busy with housework so she doesn’t think about Harvey. But Marilyn tells Roo that Harvey would want her to look after Lottie. Meanwhile, John’s out of his mind with worry about Jett and Nina.