Chris frets about the legal case

The upcoming legal case is weighing heavily on Chris and when Toadie advises him to get witness statements from each of the passengers in the car, Chris dreads asking Andrew. As he’d expected, Andrew refuses to testify and when Chris vents his feelings to Aidan he’s hurt by his friend’s neutral stance. Then he sees Andrew and Aidan in deep conversation and feels betrayed, unaware that they’re discussing Andrew’s illness…

Andrew attracts the attentions of twenty-something Margot but his chances at romance are disrupted by another fit. Realising he needs to do something, Andrew begs Aidan to sneak his blood sample into the hospital under another name, so they can determine the correct dosage of the drugs he’s taking. But will Aidan risk his job to help Andrew?

And Vanessa struggles with the guilt of hiding Rhys’s secret and wonders what his subterfuge says about the man she loves. Then Rhys reminds her that the good in him outweighs the bad.