Chris gets Hannah to open up

When Hannah returns home from hospital, she receives flowers and a card from Oscar and Evelyn. Later, she’s shocked when Chris walks in on her changing her drainage bags and orders him to leave the room. Chris asks Irene for advice and he decides to organise a fundraiser for Hannah. Touched, Hannah decides to show Chris her scars from the operation.

Olivia is furious after discovering that Hunter kissed Lindsay, but she puts her emotions to one side and apologises to Irene for the DNA test. Hunter decides to make a groveling apology to Olivia, so when Lindsay turns up, Hunter quickly asks her to leave. Hunter tries to reassure Olivia that he wants to be with her. To clear her mind, Olivia heads to the beach and Lindsay taunts her about kissing Oscar. So when Olivia sees Oscar and Lindsay in The Diner, she calls time on their relationship.

Later, Irene decides to give up the search for her daughter and see a therapist about her past.