Chris has doubts over Mason’s references

Mason turns up for his trial day at the garage and Chris isn’t impressed, believing him to be dodgy in one way or another. Chris makes Lucas promise to check Mason’s references and Lucas questions Lou over what his grandson’s been doing for the past six months. Lou does some digging and a phone call leads him to discover that Mason’s been in a juvenile detention centre until recently. He confronts the teenager and gets the whole story but he’s not happy the family kept it from him. Has Mason lost his chance at the garage?

Rani is having a hard time at school, particularly from Brian’s son Alister who blames Priya for the rows between his parents. However, as she feels partly to blame for her mother’s troubles, Rani puts on a brave face at home and tries to make amends by inviting Priya on a shopping trip.

Mason presents Kate with a ticket to the fundraising camp-out for baby Patrick but she again rejects his advances. Nevertheless, Mason is not going to give up.