Chris is on his way to the gym when a man runs out in front of his car – he knocks him to the ground and leaps out of the car to check he’s OK. The man, Babur, is scared and panicking but agrees to let Chris take him to St Phil’s. At the hospital, Babur tells Chris he’s an illegal immigrant and his brother, Aasif, has just been arrested by Border Agency Officers.

Chris is sympathetic and calls Emma to ask her to meet them at the Campus Surgery.  While they wait, Babur explains that his parents were shot and killed, Aasif is the only family he has left and his brother loves England. When Emma arrives, she’s cross to hear that Chris is harbouring an illegal immigrant but concedes he had to help after knocking him over – but when she finally agrees to assist him they discover that Babur has gone. 

Emma takes Chris to the Police Station to report the accident, reluctantly Chris gives a statement, aware Babur might need medical attention. As Emma and Chris leave the Station they come across the illegal immigrants waiting to be processed, one of them suddenly collapses unconscious – they don’t know for sure but it’s Aasif – he’s clearly very sick and they call an ambulance. Can Chris help these brothers in need?