Chris hosts Talent Spectacular

It’s the day of Chris’s fundraiser show – Talent Spectacular! Chris’s efforts are constantly thwarted; he arrives at the theatre to find it locked and the doctors bickering.  Zara collects the keys to let them in, and inside Chris finds the set for the childrens’ pantomime still standing. Heston is being a diva, Kevin can’t operate the lighting desk, Emma won’t co-operate with his magic tricks and Mrs Tembe is being oddly complimentary about all the terrible acts. It’s a disaster! 

To make matters worse, the friction between the Supremes spills over when Emma accessorises her costume to upstage Mandy and incites a bust-up which results in Mandy quitting to leave lead vocals in Emma’s less-than-capable hands. When that act goes down like a lead balloon in rehearsal, Emma’s petulant reaction to Mrs Tembe’s verdict pushes Chris to breaking point and he storms off in a fury. It’s up to Emma to fix this, so she swiftly makes peace with Mandy.

Meanwhile, Al and Jimmi are having an underwhelming evening in the pub since their beer turns out to be on the spectrum of fertiliser, so they do an about turn and head to the talent show but find themselves thoroughly enjoying it. Every act has something to recommend it, and even judge Mrs Tembe is funny without being cruel. The evening is topped off with a resounding performance of ‘Man I Feel Like a Woman’ from Mandy and her backing singers, and the youth club is saved!