When Nate finds out that death cap mushrooms have been causing his patient’s symptoms, his concern for Leah grows. Meanwhile, out on the water, Alf’s boat engine dies, leaving him and Chris stranded as Alf’s symptoms also worsen. Nate gets Leah to hospital, but she starts bleeding. Chris moves Alf into the dinghy and frantically tries to row them to shore.

In London, Brax worsens as Casey asks Heath to convince Ricky to visit. When Ricky arrives Brax tells her he loves her, but Ricky just tells him that whatever they had is over. Bianca tells Heath she doesn’t know if she’d be able to cope with Harley being in their lives full time but if Heath’s comfortable with this, she’s willing to give it another try. Heath gives her the ‘Blood and Sand’ bracelet and they kiss – he wants to give their relationship another try too.

After dealing with Brax, Casey visits Linda and stays the night. It’s clear neither of them want him to leave, but he has to go and be with his brother. When Casey arrives at the hospital, Brax is alone – Ricky’s gone for good.

Zac’s stressed stepping into Bianca’s role at Summer Bay High and turns to alcohol to help ease his emotions.