Chris is arrested for assaulting Josh

Kate, Kyle and Sheila are horrified to discover that Chris has punched Joshua and has been charged with assault. Kate isn’t ready to give up on Chris and tries to convince Brad to drop the assault charges. Meanwhile, Joshua’s told he can’t train until he’s had another CT scan as a result of his injury. Later, Chris considers reading the letter Hudson sent to him decides to burn it instead.

When Gem sees Number 24 for lease, she asks Georgia to move in with her. Georgia suggests Kyle move in with her and when Chris pushes his patience to the limit, he decides to take Georgia up on her offer. When Georgia tells Gem that Kyle is moving in with them, Gem covers how much she hates the idea. Later, she calls the estate agency pretending to be Georgia and cancels the lease application.

Toadie meets with Eric to see if he can help him get compensation for his skiing accident. Eric explains what happened and Toadie suspects the ski instructor could be liable. However, he finds out that Eric was drunk the day of the accident.

Later, Eric discovers the girl who was doing work experience with Toadie is Brad Willis’s daughter. Since Toadie failed to disclose this, Eric threatens to sue him for negligence unless Toadie pays him outright.