Chris decides he’s ready to go back to work, but after incidents when both his hand and his memory fail him, he’s sent home. Worried about his recovery, Chris pushes himself with his exercises. But catching Josh delivering a food package, a vulnerable Chris takes his frustration out on the person responsible for his injuries, Josh.

Imogen throws herself into helping Toadie prepare for Josh’s sentencing hearing next week. She volunteers to take the lead in acquiring statements and gives Sheila a serve for refusing to co-operate. Terese counsels that her brother has a lawyer so she should concentrate on her studies – but when Toadie calls to say Sheila will co-operate, Imogen neglects her studies again.

Kyle and Georgia invent a computer virus when Sheila goes to check her emails and manage to delete the email about her terrible wedding present. But when retrieving an email she accidentally deleted, Sheila discovers the email and makes it clear to Kyle and Georgia how hurtful it was.