Chris leaves the Bay

Indi tells April and Dex about her plans to hire a private investigator to find Romeo, and Dex is concerned about the financial impact. Off the back of Indi’s decision, Chris decides it is time he leaves the bay and goes home to help his parents. Spencer comes to bid him farewell, along with Indi, Alf, Roo, Maddy and Harvey. Chris tells Spencer to have more fun, as well as expressing his faith in him and Maddy as a couple. Spencer goes to make his intentions clear with Rosie, but she knows they’re just friends.

Roo and Harvey tell Spencer that Maddy thinks he’s moved on with Rosie. Spencer searches out Maddy and sets her straight. Maddy apologises for believing him capable of moving on so quickly. However, Maddy’s not sure if Rosie’s clear that Spencer only wants friendship.

Sasha is also worried that Rosie’s becoming too attached to Spencer. She tells Rosie that she’s being too clingy. She warns Spencer that Rosie might have the wrong idea, but Spencer’s defensive.

Dex is stressed about his hearing with the board tomorrow. April suggests they do a mock trial, and she goes hard on Dex, listing all of his indiscretions and demanding answers. With the scenario suddenly all too real, Dex runs off. He’s not going to this board meeting.