Chris lets go of the past

Chris is nervous before returning to work but it’s soon apparent that his affected hand is a huge liability, and he’s forced to face the facts: he will never work as a mechanic again. He walks out of the garage, and takes comfort in Nate who is impressed by his positive attitude towards the future.

Matt and Lauren are alarmed when Bailey, Amber and Mason receive a letter in relation to the Turner Family Trust, the entity which now owns the house. Matt is furious – the kids not knowing that they own the house being one of the key reasons he agreed to the arrangement. Amber and Bailey seek out Paige and explain she has to be part of the trust. Meanwhile, a humiliated Matt decides he wants to buy the house back.

Amber is devastated after learning Imogen kissed Daniel, but Imogen is surprised when Amber forgives her and just asks for some space. Meanwhile, Josh confronts his sister, demanding an explanation for the kiss, and Imogen finally admits she has feelings for Daniel.