Chris and Nate are in a good place but when Georgia mentions Lucy, Chris changes the subject. Chris finally plucks up the courage to raise the issue with Nate, but his reaction leaves Chris assuming the worst – that the whole idea of Chris having a baby with Lucy has freaked Nate out. Fortunately, Nate reassures him they’ll cross the baby bridge when the time comes for Chris to make a decision.

The news of Amber and Daniel’s engagement leaves Imogen confused, especially when she’s roped her into being her bridesmaid. When she asks whether Amber’s parents will approve, Amber senses Imogen’s disapproval and realises it’s all an act. Imogen admits to as much, leaving Amber bitterly disappointed. Daniel makes a heartfelt plea to Imogen and it seems he’s been successful when Imogen apologises to Amber. Later, Imogen confides to Naomi that she’s still convinced the engagement is a mistake.

Lou feels indebted to Susan after she saved save his life during the storm, so she calls on him to collect a box and bring it to the school. However, Karl realises Lou has picked up their blue box and given it to Bailey to make a presentation at the school. Karl panics, and unable to get in contact with Susan, he rushes to the school.