Chris makes a difficult decision

Rattled after her kiss with Josh, Amber bumps into Imogen, who reels at the news of the kiss, wondering what this means for her and Daniel. Later, Amber visits the campsite where she lived with Daniel and has a near miss when a car nearly runs her down. Someone appears at her side to help her and Amber decides it is fate that brought the mystery man to her in her time of need.

Chris and Lucy are stunned when they receive the news they are both carriers for spinal muscle atrophy as Georgia clarifies the risks of passing the condition onto their baby. After much soul searching, Chris finally tells Lucy his decision. He can no longer be her donor.

With a press interview looming, a stressed Lou presses Karl for the finished ‘Book of Secrets’. But Karl places the manuscript near a box that Kyle assumes is for the tip. Sheila comes across the pages and is horrified to read her encounter with Paul is one of the stories. Lou and Karl’s dreams of fame and fortune are quashed.