Chris makes a sacrifice for Spencer

Chris tells Irene he’s bagged his dream job on a cruse ship. Spencer tries to set up Chris and Denny on a date, which results in Denny pushing Spencer off the pier. Irene and Leah accidentally let slip that Chris has been offered his dream job to Spencer. However, Spencer lashes out at his brother for not wanting to take the role because he’s worried about how he’ll cope without him.

Oscar tells his family that Maddy wants him to forget about the baby, but Denny snaps and tells them this is a human life. She also tells Oscar she was abandoned as a baby and he should think about his decision. Evelyn realises it’s not her place to tell Josh that the baby may not be his. 

Jett and Marilyn are still avoiding each other due to the change that has taken place in their relationship. After talking to VJ, Jett realises things aren’t right because Marilyn and Jett don’t have any history together. The pair has a heart to heart to get things back to normal…