Chris ponders the Scotty incident

Chris confides in Kyle about the incident with Scotty but Kyle scoffs at the idea that Georgia’s boyfriend might be gay. Chris then tries to broach the subject with Scotty but he acts as if nothing happened and Chris starts to think he’s got the wrong impression. He tells Kyle to forget what he said, prompting Kyle to offer Scotty some work in an effort to bury his feelings towards Georgia.

Toadie continues to insist his weddings are cursed and an exasperated Sonya tries to cheer him up by enlisting Kate to choreograph a special dance for their procession down the aisle. All is going well at the practice session until Toadie suddenly puts his back out. Then, when Sonya discovers a misprint in the wedding invitations, Toadie is more emphatic than ever that his curse is back.

Aware of the tough times Priya and Ajay are going through, Karl and Susan invite them over to dinner to take their mind off things. Then Susan gets a call from a friend on the school board – she’s been offered Priya’s job as principal!