Chris reacts badly to Joshua’s article

When Joshua sees the article he was interviewed for, he’s horrified to see the journalist has turned it into a salacious article about Hudson and Chris. Meanwhile, Chris is in a foul mood after another run-in with his boss and when he catches Georgia reading the article online, he’s enraged. But when Joshua tries to justify his actions, Chris snaps and punches Joshua in the face.

Susan breaks the news to Rhiannon that Jackson is missing and Rhiannon blames the Kennedys for his disappearance. The whole neighbourhood turns out to help the police search and eventually Chris finds Jackson hiding in Kyle’s Yard. He takes him back to a grateful Rhiannon, but her relief turns to shock when she realises Jackson didn’t run away because of the Kennedys – it was because of her.

When the search for Jackson makes Sonya late for her Mothers’ Group, she runs into another tardy mum, Mandy. Mandy confesses she’s Eric Edwards’s wife and, seeing how embarrassed she is by her husband’s decision to sue the gym, Sonya invites Mandy to join her for cake.

The women get on well and when Mandy reveals her family’s struggles since a skiing accident, Sonya’s left concerned. She begs Toadie to look into Eric’s original insurance claim.