Chris is pleased when Hudson reveals he’s starting afresh with his swimming, but when Hudson asks for another chance, Chris maintains they should just be ‘mates’ while Hudson sorts himself out. Hudson mistakes Chris’s support as encouragement to keep trying. But after being rejected again, Hudson seeks advice from Kyle. Coming home to find Hudson in their house Chris panics, assuming Hudson has ignored his wishes as well as breaking into the house. Chris kicks him out but realising he overreacted, he chases after Hudson but it’s too late… he’s gone.

Embarrassed after she broke down in front of Kyle, Kate tries to convince him she’s fine. But Kyle tells Sheila, who moves Kate to open up. Determined to move on now that Sheila’s in her corner, Kate faces the wrath of Paul for cancelling on his dinner.

Struggling under the guilt piled on by both Paul and Mason, Kate cracks and misdirects her frustration at Imogen. Collecting herself, she makes it through a lunch with Paul but worries what her future will hold.

After a run-in with Hudson at the pool, Terese gets news from the West Waratah Star offering Joshua Hudson’s sponsorship. Assuming the Star has discovered Hudson’s drug use, Brad and Josh are shocked to learn Hudson quit, nominating Joshua to take his place.