Chris reveals Nate’s secret!

Hannah and Nate meet up to discuss her paramedic ambitions but Nate quickly confesses that he slept with Ricky. Afterwards, Hannah reluctantly tells Chris, who can’t resist telling Nate that he knows about his little secret.

Meanwhile, Ricky is racked with guilt when Kat apologises for thinking she had an affair with Nate. The evening couldn’t be going better, until Chris turns up. Misunderstanding Ricky and Kat’s newfound friendship, he blurts out that Nate and Ricky slept together!

Josh thinks that he and Evelyn are back on track for a romantic reunion but he’s clearly mistaken when he sees Evelyn out on a date with new guy Tank. Josh tries to warn Evelyn off Tank, but she isn’t interested in his advice.

Denny realises she remembers James from a university open day he attended with his daughter, but he corrects her and says it was a colleague’s daughter. Later, Roo suggests a trip to his parents’ house, but he makes excuses leaving her suspicious. Scared of losing Roo, James suggests they move in together.