Chris sets a trap for Billie

After trying to convince Kat and Nate he can help, Chris arranges to meet Billie later that evening. She’s unaware that Chris is recording her, but when she is just about to confess she finds the recording phone. She tells him she was never fooled by his plan and framed Nate to get back at him, just as the police walk through the door.

Ash is racked with guilt over Brax’s fake death and tells Billie the truth. Later, Ash gets a call from a distressed Ricky and tracks her down. She has written a goodbye letter to Brax and is relieved that he’s dead. As Kyle and Phoebe wait outside, Kyle is furious that she feels that way….

Ash, Kyle and Phoebe take Ricky back to the Bay. Later, Phoebe and Ash are left alone in Angelo’s and have another intimate moment, which is interrupted by a telephone call from Billie. As Ash leaves, Denny barges in and confronts Phoebe.

Meanwhile, Marilyn and John are loving spending so much time with baby Casey, that John suggests they could start trying for a child of their own.