Chris takes a beating… again!

Emma and Heston are concerned when Chris – following his recent altercation at the pub – turns up to work with fresh bruises on his face, claiming he’s been mugged again. Heston is appalled it’s happened twice in one week but Chris just shrugs it off as bad luck. Emma treats Chris’s facial injuries but he keeps quiet about more on his body.

Emma’s upset by the thought of her son being attacked again and is cross when Howard suggests Chris go home so as not to scare the patients! When Heston suggests Chris takes up self-defence or Tae Kwon Do, Chris starts to research this but then decides to look into Boxing clubs instead…

Rob takes Karen to lunch at the Icon but becomes jealous when she remembers it was Jimmi who took her to the Italian restaurant and the revelation sparks more flashbacks, all involving Jimmi. Rob is left feeling side-lined and frustrated and eventually becomes sarcastic and offends Karen. 

Later, Karen mentions her new memories to Jimmi, who can’t initally remember the restaurant but then recalls they went there years ago. He took Karen there to cheer her up when she thought she’d had a heart attack – it was actually a panic attack – and they laughed about the waiter with the moustache. It wasn’t long after Karen first joined them and they’ve been friends ever since. Karen is relieved and sheds a few tears as they hug. 

Also, Howard becomes entwined in a family affair when a public performance prematurely ends with a trip to A&E.