After keeping his secret about Hudson from Patricia, Sonya encourages Chris to tell his mum the truth, Sonya tries to get Patricia’s contact details out of Chris by spinning a tall tale about a forgotten scarf. Chris misinterprets her interest, assuming she’s butting in over his Hudson lie, so he refuses to give Sonya the information. After talking to Susan about her problems, she realises she should try to get Patricia’s number from Kyle. But she’s again foiled by Chris.

Kyle’s deeply hurt that Georgia sold his earrings, and is not eager to go to a medical appointment with her. Georgia realises Kyle’s found out about the earrings and explains what happened. However, just as he’s starting to regain hope for their relationship, she explains she wanted the earrings as a keepsake to give their daughter. Disappointed, he is cool towards her and Georgia is left feeling she’s made things worse between them.

Karl is paranoid about the favour he owes Paul. But when Paul asks him to spearhead his application for the Twin Cities program, Karl’s surprised. It actually sounds like a great idea. Once he’s alone, Paul’s true reasons are revealed: his ex-wife Rebecca is the contact for the Twin Cities program, and he intends on winning her back.