Chris visits Hudson in prison

Kate takes Chris to the prison to see Hudson and he’s shocked to learn Hudson didn’t lose interest-he was pushing him away because he loved him too much to watch him spend the next four years waiting for him. He returns home, upset but stoic, and thanks Kate and Kyle for putting up with his recent behaviour, but it’s clear he’s still struggling to close the door on Hudson. 

Terese is shocked when Paul reveals he wants her to take over as Director of Operations. Terese accepts, unaware Paul’s planning to start charging the public for using the Lassiters car park. Dismayed by the new development, Lauren convinces Sheila they should protest. Terese realises Paul’s trapped her into taking the blame for his new scheme.

Sheila’s pleased to see Kyle and Georgia loved up. But when she offers Kyle her old engagement ring, Kyle freaks out. Sheila insists he just needs time to get used to the idea – but when Georgia almost finds the ring, Kyle panics and gets Georgia out the door before she sees the ring.

Terese enlists Susan to give Rhiannon elocution lessons. When Sheila sees the new and improved Rhiannon, she’s still upset that she ‘sold out’ to Paul. However, after talking things out, they’re finally on the same page.