Chris’s death has implications for Steve

Miranda fears her family is falling apart when she discovers Riley has gone. Steve remains determined to take the blame for what happened to Chris, in place of Bridget. Unable to live with this decision, Miranda goes to the police behind Steve’s back to set the story straight – but the news of Chris Knight’s death in hospital changes everything.

Under pressure from Elle, Paul forgives Lyn for her blackmail, but his attitude towards her only serves to further aggravate Lyn. Realising that Lyn is determined to bring him down, Paul and Elle are faced with a crisis when Rebecca returns from her business trip and Lyn almost gets Paul into trouble by revealing all to Rebecca.

Concerned about Bridget, Declan offers to help her case by giving himself up to the police as the person who slashed Chris Knight’s tyres. But when Bridget asks him to find some other way to atone for his vandalism, Declan hatches a plan. Heartbroken Zeke is unwilling to help, causing Declan to lose his patience – but when the plan proves impossible to execute without him, Zeke agrees to come on board.

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