Worried that Chris could be in danger after leaving hospital so soon, Rhys heads to the garage to find him. But, when Rhys arrives, Chris is collapsed on the floor and he worries it might be too late. With the ambulance 10 minutes away, Rhys is forced to perform emergency surgery, improvising with the tools around him to get Chris breathing again before the ambulance arrives.

When Summer and Andrew arrive, they’re shocked that Chris never told them about the attack in the first place. At hospital, Chris isn’t out of the woods and Karl warns Rhys he could end up being held accountable if Chris doesn’t pull through.

When confronted by a furious Lucas, Toadie struggles to believe Peter would be behind Chris’s attack. However, when the police ask Toadie to help with their enquiries, he’s shocked to realise the full extent of Peter’s scheming. During his interview, Toadie realises he’s been set up by Peter, and struggles to fight the strong case mounting against him.

When Jade bails on their girls’ night out, Kate invites Emilia for a drink, determined to embrace her new lifestyle. Not used to partying hard, Kate feels terrible the next day but Emilia shows her the perfect way to conceal big nights out. What’s going on with Kate?