Chris’s medical scare brings him closer to Nate

Nate arrives to find Chris having a seizure and deals with the situation admirably. Chris fears he may have epilepsy, haunted by what happened to Andrew. He’s pleasantly surprised when Nate sneaks in to the hospital to stay the night with him, and after a night of cuddling, Nate tells Chris he loves him.

The Willises meet with Toadie to discuss the best course of action regarding Josh’s impending sentencing hearing. His advice is to delay the hearing until Chris is out of hospital, but Josh refuses. Brad decides to take matters into his own hands. He takes Josh’s lab report from his evidence case folder and pockets it – a desperate father determined to do the best thing for his son.

Sheila is enjoying guilt-tripping Kyle and Georgia for making fun of the lamp she gave them for their wedding. But she eventually confesses, and Kyle and Georgia take the moral high ground. Left alone, Sheila gets a mysterious text from a number we don’t recognise. It simply reads: ‘I need your help’.