Chrissie and the Dingles face an anxious wait

*Second episode*

Lachlan’s had a bad reaction to the legal high that he took with Belle and has been taken to hospital. When his mum Chrissie turns up she’s stunned to learn that he was dealing pills to Belle and blames Robert for what’s happened because he left the lad home alone. If only she knew that he was with his secret lover, Aaron! Meanwhile, Belle blames herself for Lachlan’s fit and insists she shouldn’t have told him her secret, but he insists that he doesn’t remember…

Finn’s gobsmacked when Harriet reveals she has an address for his mum, Emma, but he can’t bring himself to tell the rest of his family that she’s been found. Will he keep the other Bartons in the dark? And will Finn decide to meet his mum?

As a tipsy Paddy brags about winning at the races, Pearl quietly seethes that she didn’t put a bet on the horse! And David begins to realises that he’s made a mistake in recruiting Rakesh to help train the football team.