Chrissie becomes a prime suspect! (VIDEO)

Chas has dropped Chrissie right in it with the police in a bid to save her son Aaron who she believes could well have shot Robert. Turning to Rakesh, desperate Chrissie tells the lawyer Pollard would be able to give her an alibi. But with the grieving B&B owner blaming Chrissie for Val’s death, in the recent helicopter disaster, it’s unlikely he’ll be up for saving her bacon! Sure enough, Chrissie soon becomes the next suspect to get arrested. But did she try to murder her ex-husband who she hated so much?

Meanwhile, Aaron is up to something, and Adam and Victoria appear to have interrupted him as they make a film for baby Johnny. Asking Adam when the next scrap collection is happening, Aaron then heads off to their yard…

Unable to talk to Lisa about sex, Debbie’s drafted in to have a word with the teen. Belle reveals she and Kirin used protection. She’s dead keen on Kirin – but does he feel the same?