Chrissie covers her son’s tracks in Emmerdale

When police search Home Farm, Chrissie hides the gun her son used to shoot her dad in Emmerdale

With the police at the hospital asking questions about Lawrence’s shooting, Chrissie and Lachlan, who was behind the accidental shooting, panic. Wanting to save her son, Chrissie races back to Home Farm to hide the incriminating gun before it’s found by policemen, who have been sent out to search the grounds of the Whites’ estate. Later, Chrissie overhears Andy leaving a message for Bernice. Jealous and angry, she forms a sinister plan to save Lachlan’s skin and get revenge on her so-called boyfriend.

It’s the morning after the night before for Carly and Marlon who have slept together! While Marlon confides in Rhona, Carly turns to Vanessa, who’s shocked to hear the gossip. Both Carly and Marlon admit they had a great time but they’re worried about ruining their friendship.

Gabby’s worried when she hears the rumours going round about Home Farm and is concerned about Lawrence. To try to take her mind off it all, she steals a brooch from Pearl.