Chrissie despairs of Lachlan ever owning up

He may have been found guilty of assaulting Alicia, but Lachlan has shown no remorse and it’s eating away at Chrissie. Deeply disappointed by her son’s behaviour, things get even worse when the police arrive at Alicia’s following Jacob’s break-in and arrest David for the Home Farm break-in! At the end of her tether, Chrissie must decide whether to contact Lachlan’s dad for help with their son.

Having wheedled round her dad to get a day off, Carly then works her magic on Jimmy. She wants to go to her ex’s to get his stuff and Jimmy’s got a van… At Sunil’s place, Carly is not put off when the burglar alarm starts going off. But Jimmy is not keen on sticking around when he then hears police sirens!

Try as she might, Emma can’t get a reaction out of James about Chas. But when the farmer spies his girlfriend having yet another cosy chat with Paddy, his blood’s soon boiling! Might Emma soon have a way back into her ex’s arms?