Chrissie Williams finally gets her one wish this week when she becomes a mum to a healthy baby boy. After suffering over the years – her first child Amanda died soon after birth, and she recently endured a miscarriage – a premature labour frightens the normally level-headed nurse, who is suffering from pre-eclampsia.

But in the end the Holby team manage to make sure that neither Chrissie or the baby suffer and she’s able to hold her child in her arms before the day is out.
So overjoyed at becoming a mother, Chrissie even reconsiders her secretive stance on the status of Doctor Sacha as the father of her child and confesses all to dad Mark. Agreeing to allow Sacha to be a part of their son’s life, it looks like the nurse has got the happy ending she deserves.

Meanwhile, Jac refuses to allow her recently returned mother to emotionally manipulate her. But when Paula is informed that she’ll need a kidney transplant, even ice-cool Jac can’t turn her down and agrees to be a donor in a life-saving operation.

Elsewhere, Faye gets a letter informing her that Archie’s grave needs a tombstone, opening up old wounds for the nurse and a patient with a love of Bette Davis stirs up emotions on the ward.