Chrissie considers reporting Lachlan to the police!

Outraged Lawrence wants to report David to the police for kidnapping Lachlan. But Chrissie won’t do it. She now knows her son has been lying to her and she wants to speak to Alicia urgently. Ignoring Lawrence’s warnings, Chrissie visits Alicia, who shakily recounts the explicit details of her ordeal with Lachlan. Horrified to realise Alicia’s been telling the truth about the assault all along, Chrissie rushes off to confront Lachlan. And when he continues to lie, showing zero remorse, Chrissie feels morally obliged to go to the police…
It’s Marlon’s birthday, but Laurel’s in a terrible mood. The secret drinker has got a raging hangover. Snapping at her father, who is onto her habit and clocking her every move, Laurel warns him not to tell Marlon if he wants to keep seeing his grandkids.
The matchmaking pays off for Emma, who’s chuffed to see Carly and Ross kiss! Carly does the walk of shame home, but doesn’t tell Bob where she’s been. But Bob’s just chuffed to hear Carly’s going to stick around. Brenda will be pleased!