Chrissie witnesses this moment between Lawrence and Robert, and realises her dad’s been seduced by her ex!

Chrissie discovers her father Lawrence has been seduced by her evil ex Robert when she clocks an intimate moment between the pair

Lachlan’s still missing and his mum Chrissie is distraught. She hasn’t slept a wink and the last thing she needs is another problem to deal with. But she’s about to get one!

Her tired eyes can barely take in the scene when she clocks Lawrence caressing Robert’s face. In that moment, horrified Chrissie knows her ex has seduced her dad. When she tells Rebecca, the girls confront their dad… Will Lawrence own up?

Bob’s best laid plans come crashing down on him when he hears the Tom Jones tribute act night he’d booked to take Brenda to has been cancelled. With him already on thin ice with Brenda, having forgotten her birthday, he needs to pull something out of the bag. Cue an appearance with Bob on stage in the Woolie dressed as the Welsh singer!