Chrissie White learns Charity stole her cash!

A fight erupts at Home Farm as Chrissie White discovers it was Charity who broke in and raided the safe…

There’s a showdown at Home Farm when Chrissie confronts Charity about the source of her secret stash for Sarah’s treatment. When Charity confesses she stole cash from the safe to help her granddaughter, all hell breaks loose!

Lawrence is forced to step in as Chrissie lunges for Charity, wanting to call the police to report the theft. While Chas and Debbie are stunned when they learn about Charity’s latest exploits, Frank wonders if he’s been dropped in it with the Whites – or whether Charity’s kept schtum about his involvement.

In the Dingles’ barn, Sarah’s discovered the stowaway. Concerned for her welfare, the young girl takes it upon herself to make sure she’s fed, watered and supplied with medicine.

Pearl is left agog by Tracy, who’s taken her comments about racy writing to another level!