Chrissie Williams’s (Tina Hobley) recent discovery that she is pregnant with former fling Oliver’s baby sent the nurse into shock. Having always believed she was unable to conceive, following complications after the birth of her late daughter Amanda, the news changed everything for her. But, while she’s busy making plans to bring up the child on her own, Chrissie is struck by tragedy once again when she takes ill on the ward and loses the unborn baby.

The drama stuns Oliver who, having been kept in the dark about the pregnancy, only learned about his potential fatherhood just minutes before the miscarriage. Chrissie, determined not to be broken by the loss, decides to take fate in to her own hands and vows to get pregnant again. But who will help her to finally become a mother?

Elsewhere, Maria undergoes her risky operation to save her spine and while the results aren’t confirmed, a light appears at the end of the tunnel for the nurse as she comes round.

Meanwhile, Penny impresses Connie with an assignment but ultra-sharp Jac isn’t quite so enamoured with her young colleague.