Chrissie makes a move on Rakesh!

With the police reconstruction of Robert Sugden’s shooting looming, Lawrence is determined to put a stop to it. He knows that it may well prove he’s innocent and he’s on a mission to save his suspect daughter from a prison sentence. As Chrissie meets with Rakesh to discuss the matter, the lawyer is thrown when she moves in for a kiss! Will he betray Priya by responding?

Kirin’s relieved when dishevelled Jai reappears after his scary drug-fuelled episode. Later, in the Woolpack, Priya fumes when she sees her brother getting in his car, clearly under the influence of drugs. Rishi is stunned when Priya calls the police and reports Jai! When the factory boss is pulled over by police, he urges Kirin to take the rap for him in exchange for cash…

Desperate to know who shot at Robert, Diane is pleased when Chas offers to take part in the upcoming police reconstruction of the night a mystery gunman took aim at the village menace.