Chrissie makes a sudden return!

Chrissie’s back a week early from her trip to Australia, but it looks like husband Sacha is not the reason for her sudden return to Holby. The ill-matched couple didn’t part on the best of terms as Chrissie struggled to deal with the fact that Sacha withheld the truth about their son Daniel’s heart condition in order to save his daughter Rachel.

Chrissie isn’t in a rush to reunite with her husband and goes straight to see Michael, where the real reason for her return is revealed – she’s found a lump in her breast and needs his help. Chrissie doesn’t want to see Sacha until she knows what wrong with her. But when she gets a call from the creche to say Daniel’s had an accident, she’s shocked to find Sacha’s already there.

Unable to tell Sacha the real reason why she’s back at Holby, Chrissie lies that she’s referred a sick friend to see Michael before secretly going off for a mammogram. Later, Chrissie’s stunned when Michael reveals she needs further tests. Meanwhile, Sacha’s growing suspicious of Michael and Chrissie’s closeness and drops the bombshell that he wants a separation. How will Chrissie react?

Meanwhile, when Mo is made to face the consequences of her actions relating to Hattie’s heart transplant, she starts to wonder if she’s made the right choices. As the pressure builds from all sides, will she stick to her guns?

And when Serena finds out Edward is attending the same high flyers’ medical dinner as her, she’s desperate to find a plus one. But can she find someone to go to avoid losing face with Edward?