Chrissie rolls out another twisted plan

Chrissie schemes to save her son's skin in Emmerdale

When Chrissie tells Rakesh she’s not going to buy the Mill after all, the desperate, blackmailed lawyer threatens to reveal the truth about her covering up Lachlan’s crime. Priya hears that Chrissie’s backtracked and reckons she propositioned Rakesh and was refused. Priya’s accusation gives Chrissie an idea…

Having slept with Cain, Charity tells him she’ll spill their secret if she’s not allowed to help search for AWOL teen Belle. Later, Cain’s stung when he reaches out to his estranged wife Moira – who’s awaiting the results of her test for HIV – and is rejected.

Dan’s pleased when he lands an interview for a voluntary position at a care home. Nicola offers to help him prepare.