Chrissie strikes a deal with Ross

Donny may think he’s got his exit plan all wrapped up, but Chrissie isn’t about to let him take their son away without a fight. When he casually announces they’ll be leaving on Friday, Chrissie knows she has to act fast. After receiving another menacing call from Charlie, Donny demands more cash from Chrissie, who stands her ground. Furious with her ex, she then ups her game and asks Ross if he fancies a bit of work on the side…

After shaming Emma in the Woolie by revealing how she tried to suffocate Ross when he was a baby, Debbie is in serious trouble with the Bartons. Fiance Pete can’t believe how low she has stooped, but the hardest hit is Ross. Will he ever forgive the woman he’s secretly started to fall for?

When Val overhears Darren on the phone, she puts two and two together and sets Finn into a right old panic as she thinks he’s planning to propose.