Chrissie suffers a crisis of confidence

Chrissie Williams takes a knock this week in the wake of discovering that her CEO dad Mark potentially saved her from a recent wave of redundancies. When hospital boss Hanssen makes an off-the-cuff comment about her missing her father, who is away on business, and co-worker Frieda makes a sly dig about her being safe from any cutbacks, Chrissie starts to doubt her own abilities as a nurse.

After a stressful day on the wards, Chrissie blames herself for mismanaging her responsibilities and, at an all-time low, confronts Hanssen about whether she’s only still got her job because her dad is the boss. Happily though, Hanssen doesn’t soft-soap the nervous nurse and points out that she’s got her job because she’s excellent at it and even offers her a chance at a promotion!

Elsewhere, Elliot is thrown into a tricky situation when he’s forced to be filmed for an NHS report; Michael saves Malick when a case gets out of hand.