Chrissie wants the ultimate revenge on Robert (VIDEO)

*First episode*

What Robert hopes is going to be a romantic walk with Chrissie turns into his worst nightmare. As she reveals she overheard the contents of a very incriminating conversation he had with Aaron, Chrissie is seething with rage. Having got Robert locked in an outbuilding, she empties the contents of a petrol can about the place and whips out a box of matches! As she strikes one alight, Robert crumbles with relief as it fizzles out. Having witnessed the scene, Lachlan tears off.

Letting Robert out, Chrissie hands over a cheque and asks her husband to stay away for good. When Robert later presents the money to Aaron – will the secret lovers run off into the sunset?

Pete is chuffed to see his mum at his engagement do – but he has no idea she’s blackmailed her way into the party! At the garage, Debbie tells Ross that Emma is threatening her and learns Ross has been targeted by her, too! Back at the party, Ross isn’t impressed when he spies Carly among the guests – and there’s worse to come when Charlie pitches up…