Chrissie’s far from over Sam

Abra ropes Ric into going to the CEO with him to ask if they can do operations for children from Ghana with the staff volunteering their time. However, the CEO turns them down.

An orphan, Beatrice, arrives from the charity and Ric helps Abra with the operation anyway. There are complications in theatre and despite their best efforts, Beatrice dies.

Abra is distraught, but Ric tells him his proposal is good and it wasn’t his fault. Abra is disheartened and is not willing to do more operations on the sly, but Ric is hooked. Ric also confides in Abra that Thandie is gone.

The Stent Trial is about to start and Louise needs a registrar. Clifford winds Jac up by asking Joseph if he wants to join the trial. Jac is riled and slaps Joseph when he won’t back off but Clifford sees and reprimands her. However, Jac tactically shows Louise the bruises from when Joseph previously hit her and Louise gives her the job instead.

Also, Sam asks Chrissie to help him choose a gift for Faye but she tells him she’s not over him. At the end of the shift, Sam chases her into the lift and they kiss.