Chrissie’s pregnant!

Chrissie (Tina Hobley) is left shocked in Holby City when she discovers that she’s pregnant with Doctor Oliver’s baby.

After their recent fling, Chrissie was ready to put her relationship with dishy doc Oliver down to a bit of fun. But suffering from what she thinks is a killer hangover on her birthday, Chrissie is floored when she realises that she’s not feeling the effects of last night’s bender – she’s actually experiencing morning sickness!

A pregnancy test in the ward toilets leaves Chrissie reeling. The nurse had always assumed she was unable to have children after her tragic last pregnancy with baby Amanda, who died. Now faced with a second chance at motherhood, Chrissie faces up to the fact that her toyboy fling is the father of her child.

Not convinced about his parental credentials, the maneating nurse gently dumps Oliver, failing to reveal the truth behind the situation. Will Chrissie really raise a child all on her own?

Meanwhile, Faye (Patsy Kensit) and Joseph (Luke Roberts) are still estranged following his suspicions about her relationship with Linden. When Joseph and Faye come to blows in the operating table, Faye demands to know what she can do to convince him to come home.

He asks her for the truth but is left horrified when she admits that yes, she did kiss Linden on their wedding day. As the day comes to an end, Faye returns to her car to drive home alone but is soon joined by Joseph – has her honesty won her husband over?

Elsewhere, nurse Maria remains in a coma following the hit and run crash. When she finally wakes she learns the shocking news – she may be paralysed…