Chrissie is publically shamed by Rebecca!

Rebecca embarrasses Chrissie at the Home Farm New Year's Eve party

Ahead of the party, Rebecca is having a look at the slideshow they’re planning to show and realises her sister has changed the content. Annoyed, Rebecca finds a way to get her own back, later embarrassing her sister in front of their party guests.

Leyla lends her ear to Kasim, who tells her he feels his romance with Finn is moving way too fast. She tells Pete who, worried for his brother, is desperate to stop him from presenting Kasim with the mega present he’s got him. Kasim is about to leave the party when Finn makes a show of giving his boyfriend tickets to see Kylie perform in Australia. Uh-oh…

While Kerry tries to find out what’s happened to Joanie, Joanie makes more trouble for herself at the police station.