Christian talks Syed into coming to lunch with him and Jane and Amira. Later on they bump into each other in the Square. Syed tells Christian sadly that James is a lovely man. Christian can’t hold back any longer and he pulls Syed into the alleyway and kisses him passionately. As the two kiss, someone is watching. But who is it?

Roxy flirts with Dr Al and he suggests he takes her to the Argee Bargee for lunch. Their romantic date is interrupted by Ronnie, Joel, Sam and Ricky, who decide to join them. Roxy’s not impressed that they’ve crashed her date and sparks fly between her and Sam. Back at the Vic, Roxy looks for Ronnie’s ringing phone in her bag and comes across a pregnancy test.

Liam is suspicious when he sees Ryan making a phone call then sees him handing money over to a mysterious man in the Square. Liam warns Ryan that Whitney has been through a lot and doesn’t deserve a dodgy brother. Ryan reveals that he’s been buying stock for his new market stall.

Also, Ian can’t understand why Jane wants a baby when she has a family already; Adam encourages a nervous Libby to take her place at Oxford.

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