Christian brawls with Danny

Syed palms Danny off with excuses when he turns up wanting his money. When Christian finds out Syed assures him that Danny will soon get fed up with asking. Christian sees a threatening message from Danny on Syed’s phone. Arranging to meet Danny in the gym, he warns him to stay away from Albert Square. Christian snaps and punches Danny when he goads him about Syed. But later, Syed is horrified to find Christian badly beaten.

Lauren thinks it’s all her fault when she finds an upset Lucy, as she advised Joey to break up with her. When Lauren offers her commiseration Lucy looks stunned – Joey didn’t tell her he wanted to split up! When Lucy confronts Joey about Lauren’s words, she’s disappointed when he doesn’t fight for her and instead opts to move out.

Lola is worried after Sharon tells her that Phil forged her name on Lexi’s residency order. Phil denies all knowledge and tries to reassure Lola. It’s Halloween and Jay and Abi convince Lola to join them trick-or-treating to take her mind off Lexi. Lola’s good mood is ruined when Phil admits to forging Sharon’s name after all, insisting without Sharon he doesn’t think they’ll get residency.