Christian busts Syed with Amira!

Christian gives Syed an opportunity to confess, but Syed chickens out. Ben sees Syed with Amira again in the cafe. Ben lies to Roxy he saw them kissing. Roxy marches Christian to the cafe so he can catch them together. Christian’s gutted that Syed has been lying to him and he tells Syed that he needs to decide whether he’s going to sacrifice their relationship to see Yasmin.

Janine prepares for the opening of her new cleaning business Butcher’s Joints. Rainie has a job interview with Janine hoping for an administrative position and is insulted when Janine offers her cleaning work. Janine bosses around employees Billy and Heather and insists Billy has his suit dry-cleaned. Billy’s got no money to clean the suit so Lola steals money from the salon to pay for Billy to buy a new outfit.

Fat Boy and Whitney are flirting and kissing at Dot’s. Dot walks in on them and is shocked by their behaviour. Fat Boy feels guilty for offending Dot and later lays on a special tea as an apology. Whitney overhears Fat Boy asking Dot how to tell Whitney he really likes her. Whitney tells Fat Boy he doesn’t need to say anything.