*One-hour special*

Syed is struggling to adapt to his new life and is uncomfortable when Christian takes him shopping for a new bed. Christian finds Syed reading the Qu’ran and wants to know more about Syed’s religion, but Syed snaps at him to find out for himself. Tamwar finds Christian at the Mosque. An outraged Masood angrily confronts him. Syed is stunned by Christian’s actions, but he’s touched.

Glenda schemes to leave out Peggy when she and Roxy go wedding dress shopping with Ronnie. Glenda stews when Peggy calls Ronnie and presents her with the perfect wedding dress. Later, Ronnie talks to Roxy about Archie raping her. Peggy, Glenda and Jack hear everything… Roxy refuses to believe Ronnie. A scheming Glenda tells Ronnie she believes her to get her on side. Ronnie is devastated when Peggy calls her a liar and Glenda secretly smiles.

Patrick is struggling with Denise’s death. Libby finds Patrick throwing away some of Denise’s belongings and begs him to stop. Patrick has a heart-to-heart with Jim about his feelings and says that he’s messed everything up with his family. When Kim tells Patrick that the girls need support and they should come away with her he angrily agrees. Meanwhile, Lucas is at the community centre, praying for forgiveness.

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